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Replacement Sony VGP-BPL4 Laptop Battery

Mfr. Part: vgp-bpl4     SKU: SK301S026KO1

New Sony Laptop Battery  for vgp-bpl4 - 8800 mAh

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    Battery Type : Li-ion
    Voltage : 11.10V
    Capacity : 8800 mAh
    Color : Black
    Dimension : 46.6x20.69x2.0cm
    Net Weight : 330g
    Battery Cell : 12-Cell

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Sony VGP-BPL4 Battery on sale: We are a distributor specializing in Sony Laptop Battery. the Sony VGP-BPL4 Laptop Battery is a high Capacity 12-Cell 11.10V Li-ion replacement laptop battery with cheapest price. 100% compatible with original battery, this Sony VGP-BPL4 Laptop Battery was made with the top-quality japan battery cells. With a capacity of 11.10V this Battery lets you take a long work time when you are used this replacement Sony VGP-BPL4 Battery.


  • 1 year warranty for 12-Cell Sony VGP-BPL4 Battery.
  • Best compatible with Sony VGP-BPL4 Laptop's Battery.
  • Battery's specifications: 12-Cell 11.10V Li-ion .
  • No memory effect with Rechargeable Battery.


  • Do NOT unplug the external power supply during the process of charging.
  • Use the specific/appointed vgp-bpl4 battery for the Notebook.
  • If it is the first time for you to use Sony laptop, or you have not use it for a long time (three weeks or longer), be sure to discharge the battery completely before fulfil recharging to its full capacity.
  • No matter whether the battery is installed in the computer, there will be phenomenon of self-discharge (about 1% per day with a slightly different for different models).
  • If the Notebook is not in use for a long time (more than three weeks), it's advisable to unplug the battery, and restore the battery separately (see Storage Environment Descriptions).
  • Do NOT arbitrarily discard lithium-ion Sony laptop battery, as it will cause pollution and certain danger. Please contact the local authorities for instructions on waste batteries
  • The battery can be removed if not in use for a long time, but it must have power to prevent damage with excessive self-discharge. The amount of sony battery vgp-bpl4 power needed depends on the length of storage. The longer the storage time is, the more battery power is needed (There is no specific quantitative indicator here, and the business department suggests a little more should be better). For this purpose, the laptop batteries are charged before shipping from factory.